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The StepTalk Shell is an interactive tool for communicating with objects.

Welcome to the StepTalk shell.
StepTalk > _

You may find the shell in Examples directory of StepTalk source package. There are also installation instructions and more information about the shell.


  • Interactive communication with objects and classes from GNUstep
  • Command-line editing
  • TAB completition of object names and selectors

Few simple examples

Date and Time

StepTalk > NSDate date
(0) 2002-06-09 13:15:27 +0200


StepTalk > 1 + 1
(1) 2


StepTalk > NSHost currentHost name
(2) localhost

Try this...

This example will create a new document in the Ink application and it will write some text there.

Run StepTalk Shell using AppKit environment

> stshell -environment AppKit

Check the application, if it is there...

StepTalk > Ink

Create a new document...

StepTalk > Ink newDocument:nil

... write a text ...

StepTalk > ((Ink currentDocument) -> 'tv') insertText:'Hi there!'

... and now switch to the Ink application and look into the main window what have you done!


Using -environment AppKit will load AppKit classes and objects and enables the Application finder. Application Finder is an object that will try to find, launch if needed and connect installed application referenced by its name.

If you use object name 'Ink' for the first time, StepTalk will try to find the object using object finders. Application Finder will find it, because there is an application named Application will be launched automatically if it is not running already.