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Inherits From: none(NXProxy is a root class)

Conforms To: NSObject

Declared In: Foundation/NSProxy

Class Description

The NSProxy class declares the programmatic interface to proxiesobjects that stand in for real objects (usually descendants of the NSObject class), where the real objects may exist within the same or another process, perhaps even in a system of a different architecture across a network. To the application, the proxy behaves like the real object, though the real object may not be directly accessible, and in general, instance variables of remote objects are not accessible.

NSProxy class defines few methods, because proxies respond to few messages directly. Instead, when a proxy receives a message it doesn't respond to, it encodes the message, including the arguments, in an invocation, and invokes forwardInvocation:. Specialized subclasses then direct further processing, such as forwarding the message to a real object in the same or another process.

Methods defined in this class are methods that the NSProxy class responds to directly. Unless otherwise noted, none of these methods are forwarded to the proxy's correspondent.

Your application in general doesn't instantiate NSProxy objectsthey're created as instances of specialized subclasses. Proxies are reference-counted so that only a single NSProxy per connection is instantiated for any real object.

Creating and Destroying Instances

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Obtaining Method Information

Describing Objects

Forwarding Messages