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3. The Network Domain

The ‘Network’ domain is optional and is usually coalesced with the ‘Local’ domain by default; this is particularly appropriate for use on stand alone systems such as your home workstation. However, the Network domain can be of great use in networked, corporate environments. Its main purpose is to hold files exported from a central server in your network or from other workstations. Most times, remote directories containing applictations or general data used by several workstations in the network are mounted using the Network File System (NFS). Such usage gives administrators the possibility of providing application or resources to a vast number of workstations while only having to manage the software in one place. This is especially useful when workstations are used by several users with different tasks and requirements. If you want to take advantage of the Network domain, you need to use a filesystem layout with a separate Network domain.

In the GNUstep filesystem layout the Network domain is the same as the Local domain; if you want to use the Network domain there is a separate GNUstep filesystem layout variant with a separate Network domain, in which case the entire Network domain is installed as the ‘Network’ folder of your GNUstep installation.

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