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Addresses - 0.4.8Addressbook(13 Aug 2012)
fexclient - 1fexclient is a GNUstep client to the F*EX large file spooling system(16 Jun 2008)
GMastermind - 0.6An implementation of the well-known mastermind game(22 Jul 2011)
GMines - 0.2Minesweeper Clone(22 Jul 2011)
GNUspeechGnuspeech is an extensible, text-to-speech package, based on real-time, articulatory, speech-synthesis-by-rules.(16 Jan 2009)
GShisen - 1.3.0Board Game(18 Sep 2009)
GSPdf - 0.3PDF and Postscript file viewer(8 Jul 2009)
GWorkspace - 0.9.2GWorkspace is a Workspace Manager for GNUstep.(26 Mar 2013)
Jigsaw - 0.8Simulates a jigsaw puzzle and illustrates the use of clipping paths(22 Jul 2011)
MPDCon - 1.5.1Application to control MPD Server(10 Dec 2013)
PDFKit - 0.9.1A Framework for accessing and rendering PDF content. (14 Aug 2011)
Sudoku - 0.7Create any number of Sudokus and solve them. Store Sudokus for in-depth study. Solvability guaranteed. (22 Jul 2011)
Yap - 2image, text, pdf, ps previewer(30 Aug 2008)

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