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Addresses - 0.4.8Addressbook(13 Aug 2012)
CDPlayer - 0.4.2CD player application(25 Oct 2008)
Cynthiune - 1.0.0Cynthiune is a free software and romantic music player(20 Aug 2013)
DataBasin - tool for data import and export as well as inspection(11 Jan 2015)
EasyDiff - 0.4.0Shows the differences between files in a graphical manner(10 Mar 2009)
EdenMath - 1.1.1A scientific calculator(20 Feb 2009)
fexclient - 1fexclient is a GNUstep client to the F*EX large file spooling system(16 Jun 2008)
FlexiSheetFlexiSheet is a multi-dimensional spreadsheet in the spirit of Lotus Improv(12 Jan 2009)
GMastermind - 0.6An implementation of the well-known mastermind game(22 Jul 2011)
GNUstep Back - 0.24.1Backend (i.e. driver for specific graphics systems)(16 May 2015)
GNUstep Make - 2.0.6Build System for GNUstep applications and framworks for single or multiple platforms(16 Jun 2008)
GNUstep Startup - 0.23.0Easy Install Core Packages(12 May 2009)
GNUstep@MacPortsGNUstep is also available to run on Mac OS X through MacPorts(26 Feb 2010)
Graphos - 0.4Vector editor(20 Aug 2013)
GSBurn - 0.4.1CD burning application(25 Oct 2008)
LapisPuzzle - 1.2LapisPuzzle is a tetris-like game, reminiscent also of columns(22 Jul 2011)
Laterna Magica - 0.4Image Viewer and Slide Show application:(20 Apr 2012)
PDFKit - 0.9.1A Framework for accessing and rendering PDF content. (14 Aug 2011)
Pixen - 3.1bPixen is an innovative bitmap graphics editor(2 Sep 2009)
Position - 0.3The GNUstep Gps Navigator(27 Jan 2009)
Snapshot - 0.2.1An application to transfer photos from a digital camera.(21 Apr 2015)
SOGo - 1.0.3Free and modern scalable groupware server(26 Jul 2009)
Sudoku - 0.7Create any number of Sudokus and solve them. Store Sudokus for in-depth study. Solvability guaranteed. (22 Jul 2011)
TalkSoup - 1.1IRC client(14 Apr 2015)
TimeMon - 4.1CPU Monitor(18 Sep 2009)
ToyViewer - 4.91ToyViewer is an image viewer(28 Dec 2008)
Vespucci - 0.1Web Browser(6 Feb 2010)

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