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The GNUstep Software Index

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Pantomime - 1.2.0 (Maintenance release)GNUMail framework(0.21)
CDPlayer - 0.4.2CD player application(0.17)
EdenMath - 1.1.1A scientific calculator(0.17)
Gemas - 0.4A simple code editor for GNUstepers.(0.17)
GNUmail - 1.2.0pre2Mail client application(0.17)
IconManager - 0.3Tool to handle the icons and miniwindows.(0.17)
Terminal - 0.9.6Terminal emulator(0.17)
WebServer - 0.2.5Simple class library to let your application handle HTTP/HTTPS requests.(0.17)
CacheTool - 0.4GPS GeoCaching Tool(0.12)
FlexiSheetFlexiSheet is a multi-dimensional spreadsheet in the spirit of Lotus Improv(0.12)
GNUstep Base - 1.24.3Base library (Foundation)(0.12)
GNUstep Base - 1.19.2Base library (Foundation)(0.12)
GNUstep GUI - 0.20.0GUI framework (AppKit)(0.12)
Laterna Magica - 0.2Image Viewer and Slide Show application:(0.12)
Popup - 0.5pre1Spaced repetition learning system for pairs of words(0.12)
Preview - 0.9Simple Image viewer(0.12)
WebServices - 0.1.0A collection of classes for implementing web services in Objective-C(0.12)
Addresses - 0.4.7Addressbook(0.08)
Cynthiune - 1.0.0Cynthiune is a free software and romantic music player(0.08)
Cynthiune - 0.9.5Cynthiune is a free software and romantic music player(0.08)

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