NSCalendarDate+GNUstepBase documentation


Richard Frith-Macdonald (rfm@gnu.org)

Copyright: (C) 2003-2010 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

Software documentation for the NSCalendarDate(GNUstepBase) category


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Availability: Not in OpenStep/MacOS-X

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- (NSUInteger) isoYear;
Availability: Not in OpenStep/MacOS-X

According to the ISO definition of a week, each year begins with the Monday of the week containing the 4th of January. If we a have a date early in January or late in December we therefore may need to adjust the year to match the definition of a week.
This method is used to return the ISO year rather than the normal calendar year.


- (NSInteger) weekOfYear;
Availability: Not in OpenStep/MacOS-X

The ISO standard week of the year is based on the first week of the year being that week (starting on monday) for which the thursday is on or after the first of january.
This has the effect that, if january first is a friday, saturday or sunday, the days of that week (up to and including the sunday) are considered to be in week 53 of the preceding year. Similarly if the last day of the year is a monday tuesday or wednesday, these days are part of week 1 of the next year.