NSTask+GNUstepBase documentation


Richard Frith-Macdonald (rfm@gnu.org)

Copyright: (C) 2008 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

Software documentation for the NSTask(GNUstepBase) category


Declared in:
Availability: Not in OpenStep/MacOS-X

Description forthcoming.
Method summary


+ (NSSet*) executableExtensions;
Availability: Not in OpenStep/MacOS-X

Returns the set of extensions known to indicate an executable file type on systems which require that (currently mswindows).


+ (NSString*) executablePath: (NSString*)aFile;
Availability: Not in OpenStep/MacOS-X

Checks the specified file to see if it is executable or if by appending one of the +executableExtensions it can be made executable. The return value is the actual executable path or nil if the file cannot be executed.


+ (NSString*) launchPathForTool: (NSString*)name;
Availability: Not in OpenStep/MacOS-X

Returns the launch path for a tool given the name of a tool.
Locates the tool by looking in the standard directories and, if not found there, looking in the PATH set in the environment.
On ms-windows, this also tries appending common executable path extensions to the tool name in order to find it.
Returns the path found, or nil if the tool could not be located.